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Red Hot Cannonball Vs Styrofoam 11 months ago

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Thanks to Casper for partnering with me! Go to and use code backyard for $50 towards any mattress purchase!

My girlfriend's channel - SandraSays


Cameras I used in this video:
Highspeed camera- Chronos 1.4
Main Camera - Sony RX 10 ii
Secondary Camera - Sony RX 100 IV
Tertiary Camera - GoPro Hero 4 Black

My new foundry is made from:
Insulating firebrick - GREENTHERM 26 LI
High Temperature mortar - GREENPATCH-421
Bio-Soluble Ceramic Blanket -
I highly recommend looking for a HWI distribution center near you. They sell to individuals, and because they make the refractory materials the price is dirt cheap, like $36 for a 12 pack of insulating firebricks. On amazon they are $27 for 2 firebricks.

Other materials:
Red Hot cannonball - 6lb, ~3 inch cast iron shotput.
Propane burner for foundry -
Crucible -



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