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Thanks everybody who watches my videos; you're awesome!
end song neon trees - movin in the dark
Heres a list of clips in order they appeared!

Molten Salt
Random Adventures
Jim Isaac Films
Maria Jerbin
Compound Plays
Lets Melt This
Leo Corrales

Electrical Wood Burning

Gas Filled Bottle Flipping
J&L co

Dry Ice hoverboard
Brett Kluge

Metal In Watermelons
Kiln King
FPS adalawi
Lets Melt This

CO2 Rocket
Robbie Sulzer
Lazy watchsmith
George sent me the video over Facebook

Homemade Forge / Foundry
Jacob sent me the video over Facebook

Propane cannon
Zane sent me the video over Facebook
Tommy Callaway

Steel Wool on a Drone

SwagFarmer03 WNW -
UAV Dude -

Steel Wool Photography
Rob & Jonas Filmmaking Tips -

Drone UFO

Drone Drop
austiwawa -

Taser Glove
Tommy Callaway

Soapdish from Soap
Mark Gets Bored

Chemistry Magic Tricks
Tate Mac

Doryfor animation -

Taser Fist
Tommy Callaway

Copper Catalyzed alcohol reaction
Ryan Schweter (Scienceaddict77)

Crossbar Challenge

Fireworks in a Pumpkin
Jack Mccafferty

Genetic engineering
Protane Studios

Density Tower
Lucas W

Sulfuric Acid and Match Reaction
What will happen If?

Lithium Battery in Microwave -

Blowing up Toys with Firecrackers
Jonah Efaw -



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