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Pool full of Orbeez Experiments! 1 year ago

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-Commonly asked questions-

•Whats with the Intro?
-It's a reference to the Netflix show 'Stranger Things'. Its not

•How did you get rid of them?

•How much did that cost?
-$800 for disposal, then $1400 for the water ball.

•Were your parents mad?

•Where did you buy the Waterballs?

•How much of them?
-1600 pounds, 25 Million.

•What are they made out of?
-Sodium Polyacrylate.

•Is that safe?
-Yes, its the same stuff in diapers. non toxic. biodegradable.

•Can I buy aluminum sculptures?
Yes, on my Etsy shop.

Faceboook- heres a pic of the aluminum casting all cleaned up.



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