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Juicing vs. Blending — How To Make Orange Juice with a 4 years ago

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Zac talks about the benefits of blending over juicing and makes some orange juice because it's probably what people make first in both a blender or a juicer.

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How do you make orange juice in a blender? This is how you do it.

You start off with some water. We're going to need one cup of filtered
water in there. Now you need an orange. And I'm going to leave as much of
this white pith on as possible. All this fiber is really the most
nutritious part. Really, particularly it's high in vitamin C and calcium.
All right? So you can actually get your calcium through your fruits and
veg. You don't always have to drink milk.

Now there's a big difference you probably have a juicer at home. It's
probably sitting at home got a little dust on it. You probably don't use it
that much. It's kind of hard to clean, right? Hey, I'm not bagging juicing,
I still juice. But there's a big different between blending and juicing.
Normal juicing just pulls the water well, the water and the sugar. It's
about 10% sugar in here on its own which is about the equivalent about 10%
sugar is the same thing as like a cloak and stuff like that. And the thing
about juicing is that you're throwing away the fiber. Okay, this fiber
here, this is the most nutritious part. It has all the good stuff in here.
There's lots of benefits of having this in our system. Particularly
diabetics, they won't be able to drink the juice but they will be able to
eat the fruit because the juice has too much sugar so they can't drink it.
But by eating the fruit they're getting the fiber and the fiber slows down
the absorption of the sugars into your body. So instead of getting a big
hit with the juice you go up and then you come back down. It's that sugar
rush. By having a smoothie or by blending it and having that fiber you're
still going to have the energy and those sugars but the fiber is going to
slow down the absorption so you'll have more energy long-term.

The fiber also helps pull toxins out of our body. Where's the lid. It also
helps us lose weight. It's going to fill us up for a lot longer as well.
Plus we pay for our fruit and veg by how much it weighs. You might as well
use all of it, right? So let's blend this up.

All right. Let's dig into this. Very orange. All right. Look how smooth
this is. That is all the fiber and all the seeds and everything from the
whole orange there. You know the problem with normal juicing and like
buying bottled juice and stuff at the supermarket, it's just so much sugar.
And you know too much sugar leads to diabetes and it's just very, very bad
for the body and we're feeding it to kids. At a very young age you can't be
giving kids a lot of sugar. So by having the fruit, making it in a blender,
it's a lot easier. Easier to clean as well. And plus all the benefits of
the fiber. So hopefully you'll enjoy it.

All right. Welcome. We're going to make some green smoothies. If you don't
know what a green smoothie is, it's very simple. It's this new craze that's
going around the world. All it is, it's really simply a combination of
fresh fruits and... [ends abruptly]



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